Experience a Silent Disco in the comfort of your own living room. Choose between 4 DJs and dance!

Organize own Break or join as a DJ

What started out as a way to give people a reason to party during quarantine times...

Four DJs

Every Friday

3000+ Listeners

Different collaborations

... turned into a huge success very quickly:

How does it work?

Step 1

Go to and put your headphones on.

Step 3

Like what you hear? Give the DJ a 👍!

Step 2

Click on one of the four DJs in the screen.

Step 4

Switch between the DJs when you want to listen to something else and chat with other listeners.

But Silent Disco Break is more. We've already organized several online events, from school parties to corporate events. Always with the same party ingredients:

Feeling connected

Different Music Styles

Chat with other listeners

Dance with each other

Let's hear it from the people who experienced it themselves

“The graduation students were happy that there was still a very nice party.”

Pim JanssenTeacher

“Our school party eventually viewed by 2,800 people. Unprecedented, especially when you consider that there are 1650 students in our school.”

Alex van KralingenTeacher

“The school party started at 9:30 PM and there were immediately 500 students online. Normally the're four freshmen at the door and nothing happens for an hour before it gets cozy. Now it was pretty busy from the first minute”

Frans EmmerTeacher